3 books on Preston Sturges

Two biographies and an autobiography…

Biography: Madcap

This is a crisp and thrilling read. Makes you realise that the author of a biography can make or break it. I now want to read anything Donald Spoto has written!

Biography: ‘The Last Years of Hollywood’s first writer/director’

Written by Nick Smedley and Sturges son, Tom Sturges. It turns out that people used to write letters to each other and Sandy Sturges kept all the letters her husband wrote to her, which makes for a fascinating and intricate exploration of Preston Sturges’ life.

Autobiography by Preston Sturges

Sturges autobiography was unfinished when he died. This book was published 40 years later in 1991 and seems quite rambly and unfocused, but with some useful insights into his life and perspective.

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