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It’s hydration, not 6 glasses of water

The First Principle of health is hydration.

When a doctor puts on the glove and sticks a finger up a man’s arse to check the prostate, the doctor hopes to find ‘soft and moist’ rather than ‘hard and dry’.

‘Soft and moist is the state you want all your organs. Heart, liver, lips, etc.

One night my ex-wife had a horrible allergic reaction to restaurant seafood. She was covered in red dots from head to toe within an hour. within 2 hours she was unrecognisable. We went to the hospital and they connected a drip. Saline water straight into the vein. Her skin cleared in 30 minutes.

The hospital kept her overnight just in case, but the instant jolt of hydration into the body was the cure.

That’s why patients are put on a drip for almost every ailment.

Hydration is the key to a healthy body.

So, will 6 glasses of water a day keep you hydrated? No. Not alone.

Recommending an arbitrary amount of water doesn’t take into account people different metabolisms, the temperature, the season, how much exercise they do each day etc. etc.

It’s an example of a Blind Prescription, (or a Mindless Prescription) rather than a universal principle.

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